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  1. General Charger Discussion
    Figured I’d make a separate post from the general 2022 order status thread. As of today, my 2022 SPWB has been stuck in Windsor Motipark for 44 days and counting. It’s literally been sitting in the same lot, for days on end, with no reprieve in sight. Dealer can only do so much as tell me...
  2. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    My 2018 charger has the trunk open button stuck inside the trunk. I think i might need to remove the liner inside the trunk to move/replace the button. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  3. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Recently got the leather interior out of a junkyard 2006 RT. Being a junkyard car, I took the driver seat to an upholstery shop to have the front of the seat redone. After 3 weeks I was excited to bolt it in and be done. I have power going to the seat motors and it moves but it seems like it...
  4. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    Today was a nice day almost 60 deg. Sunny no rain or wiper use. I did not use slap shift. I did not spin the wheels. I did not turn off ESP. So why was AWD active? If I shifted to neutral while coasting it would go to RWD but then if I put it back in drive it would switch back to AWD. I...
  5. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hello all I've owned a 2007 Charger R/T for a few years now and today after an oil change I found my hood would not close. After a bit of hunting I found out that the cable that runs to the hood relseae inside of the car is no longer tight I have to use a screw driver on the hood latch to pull...
1-5 of 5 Results