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  1. New Member Introductions
    Ok so I had just bought a 2006 Charger R/T. It came with a mopar CAI flowmaster cat back and I just recently bought BBK shorty headers. I'm shooting for 550 HP crank. I'm trying to do so as safely and cost effectively as possible seeing how I'm only 21 and the army doesn't pay me near as much as...
  2. Royal Purple
    Royal Purple is releasing a new line of motor oil aimed at the street/performance enthusiast market. For several years, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has been reducing the maximum limits of common anti-wear zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives in motor oils via their self-governed...
  3. California
    There's been some interest shown in doing this again but I haven't seen a thread so I figured I'd start one. Street Legal Drag Races - Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA Sunday has officially been canceled! Saturday is our new date! Date: Saturday December 6th Cost: $20 to race, $10 to watch...
1-3 of 4 Results