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  1. Stack Performance
    Hey guys. We are also offering a Holiday Group Buy for Mopar's Stage 2 TCM. These TCM's have been backordered from Mopar for quite some time. (5.7L only) This TCM will optimize your shift schedule/pattern, increase line pressure, hold gears longer and shift much more firm. It can also deduct...
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Just installed my Stack Performance Bullet CAI yesterday afternoon, and dear lord am I impressed with the results!The install took a total of 30 minutes (I'm new to car stuff) and minimal tools were required. Very nice for a true fresh air intake. My Hemi sounds like a monster now with the new...
  3. California
    Stack Performance in Anaheim is offering 3 Dyno pulls for only $50!! If you want to know what kind of power you are putting to the wheels, NOW is the time! Give us a call to setup a time slot: 714-630-5055 [email protected]
  4. Stack Performance
    Well, the time has finally come and the launch of has been a success!! We thank you all for your patience and support during this period and we hope to get some feedback from all of you. Good or bad, your comments will be taken into consideration so necessary...