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  1. Mopar CAI vs K&N FIPK sound

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Today I put on a Mopar CAI, replacing the K&N I had on my 5.7 and I will give you my thoughts whether u want them or not! Just thoughts as a consumer on Visual and Sound Effects, I don't have a dyno machine so buzz off about performance! Lol dont buzz off watch my show! Mopar CAI: Pros...
  2. Dad's '87 Grand Marquis 5.0 and high flow?

    What gains may I be looking if I get my dad a Spectre High Flow filter? I checked his engine bay and it has this cold air type tube from the engine to the filter, to the front of the radiator. I bought him a Spectre drop in filter and hope these older cars get better increases from things like...