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  1. Head unit and speakers

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    What’s a good head unit and speakers for a 2012 SE ?
  2. 2010 Police Charger audio upgrade

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    Worked this weekend updating my car. It had a standard am/fm/cd player. I had gone through Crutchfield and of course they don't show any 6x9's for the front doors, so I went with a RF separates system (back in the day, RF was killing it in competitions) with 6" and a 1" dome. I didn't want to...
  3. 3.5 Inch Speakers

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    My 2006 rt went through a brutal winter and one thing led to another so I'm just revamping everything that is wrong with my car. Somehow snow leaked through my sunroof and got down to my 2 front (3.5 inch) dash speakers. They are now blown. Problem is, I can't find any replacements and every...
  4. Need Audio Advice Speaker Setups

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    Ok, so currently am stock with the 322 Boston Acoustic 6.1 setup with a Line Out to a Diamond Audio D3 amp kicking two D3's 12in subs at 400w RMS Dual Voice Coils in ported box with a Scosche 5 Farad Cap(the 80 dollar setup from Walmart)... Ummm not sure how much the amp handles i think it rates...
  5. Centre Dash speaker install

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys ! Alright so I have the B/A 6 speaker sound system in my 2010 dodge charger and I was wondering if anyone has installed a speaker on the top mid part of the dash where that sorta large speaker grill is. I have already installed a aftermarket radio with my PAC CR2Y harness, since the...
  6. sound system questions

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    whats up guys!? my srt8 came with that factory kicker setup that i am looking to change out.... i am looking to buy a 10" L7, should i keep the factory enclosure thats off to the side of the trunk and add a spacer or just pay for a costum one? yes, i will be putting my own amp and keeping my...
  7. What Replacement Speaker Do You Recommend?

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    So just the other day my front left (drivers side door) speaker blew out and it's rattling like crazy. I have been wanting to replace the stock OEM speakers but havnt has anything to push me to do it until now. What speaker would you guys recommend?
  8. How do I run new speaker wire from front doors?

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    I need to know how to run new speaker wire from the front door to inside the car.I've been working on the front speakers for god knows how long now. I have no idea how I run any type of wire through the door. I tried running it through the rubber grommet thingy but there's no hole. If someone...
  9. Huge letdown with system setup, need a little help

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    K well I've been searching this forum for about 2 months now, slowly learning the basics of car audio. I managed to win almost exactly what I wanted off eBay for some great prices, and I had 90% of everything set up and ready to be installed. Well today I took off the bezel to hook up the JVC...
  10. Rear Speakers weak in 06 Daytona BA 6 speaker 276 watt system

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    My apologies if this has been asked before. I searched the forums and couldn't find the exact issue I am having. My 06 Daytona has the 6 speaker Boston Acoustics 276 watt system. I have been very impressed since buying it new of the factory system sound quality. Recently, I noticed it...