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  1. reliable performance shop in SW Michigan

    Great Lakes States
    I am looking for advice on a reliable shop in the Kalamazoo Michigan area. I am looking for a place that can do a good job on some electronic exhaust cut outs. Later on I would like to do some engine work too. I have tried general Google searches, but haven't had much success. Any advice would...
  2. Need A Good Shop in Orance County, CA?

    Hi guys, I had a guy sell me some L.E.D. tail lights & installed them, pretty good price. He also gets cheap halos. This guys knows what he's doing. Give him a call for directions and other questions. Tell him Danny sent you for a cheaper price!!! 714-767-5072:driving:
  3. VRE-2007 Charger SRT8 Nitrous Install

    Victory Racing Engines LLC
    Triple Gauge Pillar Custom Switch Panel In Cup Holders Bottle Install With Opener, Heater and Blow Down Tube Custom Purge Install With Lights In Wheel Wells Zex Kit