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  1. Free Shipping on Custom Fit Dash Covers from
    For a limited time, get free shipping (in the Continental USA) on custom dash covers from! Our premium quality, custom made dash covers come in 35 different color and material combinations. These are not cheap auto parts store covers, they are the best available. To...
  2. Build times among the various Model lines.

    General Charger Discussion
    I ordered an 2012 RT AWD Max on April 15th and had a Vin from the dealer in a week. I know VOTS isn't the greatest but seeing the message production scheduled vs. having an estimated production date sucks. The dealer did say expect 8-12 weeks. Are the production times for the AWD substantially...
  3. Need help with transporting my Charger!

    General Charger Discussion
    I want to get any opinions about vehicle transportation. I just purchased my first Charger and want to have it shipped from Houston, TX to Memphis, TN. I checked ticket prices to fly down and drive it back. From the information I have researched, it looks as if it would be cheaper to hire a...