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  1. Charger Script emblem

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I noticed that my placement of my Charger emblem is diffrent than all other poeple that have installed one of these. Is there a reason why everyone puts them on the left vs the right? Just wondering.
  2. 1st MOD !!

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Whats up everyone, I got my Charger pre-owned and the guy/gal that had it before me demolded it, tinted it and added the spoiler. I have been searching and reading a ton of information on this great forum and finally decided to do something, to scratch that itch if you will !. Money is not...
  3. Emblems 60-70's Script style on ebay

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications This is an original nameplate lot for 1966-70 Chargers. There are various applications and conditions, refer to the images for the descriptions given. some w/ light wear...