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  1. Factory radio not working

    General Charger Discussion
    My factory radio in my 2006 Charger RT seems to be going up. My radio comes on when I start the car and all the modes work...the disc changer, the radio, etc. after a few minutes the screen goes black. The radio will still work but you can't change the mode or the disc. Question#1 - has...
  2. Color Scheme Change on uConnect

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics (2011 +)
    Maybe a dumb thought.But, like every other computer manifold and hard drive they all have access codes and can be hooked to a computer. I watched the guy take the dash out and install the GPS, so couldn't you hook your computer to it and re-write some codes?
  3. How Do I Change the Default Radio Screen?

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I'm not sure if this can be done, but I'll give it a shot. If there's an existing thread or instructions for this please let me know. Onto the issue: When you're driving down the road and you're playing the radio or a CD, the screen will generally look like the first photo below. Even if you...
  4. Cool Charger navigation start screen.

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I finished installing my Kenwood DNX7160 this weekend. Check out he startup screen I found. Pretty cool!
  5. My navigation screen stopped working :(

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Does anyone know what would cause my navigation screen to stop working? It just happened last night, I was driving and it turned off. This also causes my steering wheel mounted controls to stop working. I can change music with the buttons on the radio. When I turn on my car the screen comes...
  6. Stock in dash navi for 06 Dodge Charger and more...

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have a stock navi in dash for and 06 Dodge Charger and the stock wheels and tires. I also have the stock springs that I took off when I got it lowered and the stock cold air intake. I will let the navi go for 300 bucks the wheels and tires for 750 and the springs fore 200. Ill put pictures up...