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  1. Challenger Screen questions

    General Charger Discussion
    Some of you may remember a few of my last posts, I’m still looking for a first vehicle. I have expanded my range just a little due to a couple of restraints concerning prices and such. I’ve stumbled across a few challenger sxt’s around 2013-14. Compared to the Charger screens, these seem to be...
  2. Factory radio not working

    General Charger Discussion
    My factory radio in my 2006 Charger RT seems to be going up. My radio comes on when I start the car and all the modes work...the disc changer, the radio, etc. after a few minutes the screen goes black. The radio will still work but you can't change the mode or the disc. Question#1 - has...
  3. Color Scheme Change on uConnect

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics (2011 +)
    Maybe a dumb thought.But, like every other computer manifold and hard drive they all have access codes and can be hooked to a computer. I watched the guy take the dash out and install the GPS, so couldn't you hook your computer to it and re-write some codes?
  4. How Do I Change the Default Radio Screen?

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I'm not sure if this can be done, but I'll give it a shot. If there's an existing thread or instructions for this please let me know. Onto the issue: When you're driving down the road and you're playing the radio or a CD, the screen will generally look like the first photo below. Even if you...
  5. Cool Charger navigation start screen.

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I finished installing my Kenwood DNX7160 this weekend. Check out he startup screen I found. Pretty cool!
  6. My navigation screen stopped working :(

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Does anyone know what would cause my navigation screen to stop working? It just happened last night, I was driving and it turned off. This also causes my steering wheel mounted controls to stop working. I can change music with the buttons on the radio. When I turn on my car the screen comes...
  7. Stock in dash navi for 06 Dodge Charger and more...

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have a stock navi in dash for and 06 Dodge Charger and the stock wheels and tires. I also have the stock springs that I took off when I got it lowered and the stock cold air intake. I will let the navi go for 300 bucks the wheels and tires for 750 and the springs fore 200. Ill put pictures up...