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  1. Cant find Halo Headlights

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hello im Zach, new to being a member to this site but have been using it for a while. I've been looking into buying a set of new halo head lights for my charger but all I've been able to find is the "Headlight Kits" and full headlights but they look blaah. i don't want to break open my headlight...
  2. power seat motor removal

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    my driver's seat power motor fried, and I can't move the seat forward to access the rear bolts. Does anyone know a trick to move the seat manually?
  3. Conflicting Codes...

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I got the check engine light on and off over the past month and here's what it says... 013a I couldn't find this code under these forums, but another forum said that code means "O2 Sensor Slow Response - Rich or Lean" I posted a similar question and someone on these forums said that 013a is a...
  4. Now What's Wrong?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Ok, so about a year ago I take my Charger to the dealership because I sometimes feel a little vibration under the gas peddle. I thought maybe it was my suspension but it wasn't. I've been seeing a lot of threads lately about tie-rods needing replaced. What do you guys think it is? It doesn't...
  5. Flat tire

    Went out to my car this morning to find my rim sitting on concrete, very upset! I found two nails in my passenger rear tire. Do i need to replce both of the rear radials now? or can i just replce the one? Also i have 22s on it what would be the best tires for those rears since i got to replace...