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  1. Speedlogix Arched 2 or 4 Point Rear Strut Tower Brace - In stock!

    2 point bar 4 point bar Rear Strut Tower Braces tie the strut towers together and help to stiffen the chassis of your car. These arched braces also allow for use of the trunk space while maintaining the benefits of a strut tower brace. Our braces are made in the USA of lightweight chromoly...
  2. Trinity + Single Gauge Pod Installed

    BMC / Speedlogix
    In getting my Challenger ready for tuning in about a week, and getting some miles on her, yesterday I finally installed the Diablo Trinity, the gauge pod mount and the REM single gauge pod for the a-pillar. I love the clean look and the gauge pod is the nicest way to mount the Trinity so you...
  3. Subframe Connector Sale $289 Shipped!

    BMC / Speedlogix
    We are running a special on REM matrix braces / subframe connectors for the Charger/300C/Magnum (LX) and we have 6 sets available. The sale price is well below our regular price and we're throwing in free shipping, too!! Details are below ... LX (Charger, 300C, Magnum) $289 SHIPPED to the...
  4. New LX Dual Gauge Pod w/ OEM Matched Fabric

    BMC / Speedlogix
    We are excited to bring you another new product for your LX ... a dual gauge pod by REM that is covered to closely match your factory A-pillar fabric. These are very nicely done and definitely have a more upscale look than the traditional plastic pods. Right now we have 6, so if you want one...