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  1. Interior Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hi Fam, Does anyone know if there's a difference between the 2011 Dodge Charger dash radio police bezel vs the regular bezel (non-cop)? I'm curious because of the column shifter... I will be receiving my 2011 soon and I'm planning to add an 8.4" to it...
  2. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys! I'm super new to these forums. I own a dodge charger R/T and I have a quick question about something I'm not to good with. I want to change out my current radio for either a flip up display with nav (kenwood sells one I like) or just go for the full touch screen. Now the thing is, I'm...
  3. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Ok so there is a radio I found on craigslist off a 2008 dodge charger. I have a basic radio in my 2007 charger and want to see if I can exchange it for the one on craigslist. Anyone know if it's doable?:bigthumb:
  4. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I have an 06 Charger that came fully loaded with everything except the navigation system. I have the stock radio bezel with the single CD player and the knobs on both sides but have been wanting to get a double din in-dash screen. Before I drop the $150 or more bucks on the navigation bezel...
  5. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey Im trying to install a 7" player in my charger but I need the Nav bezel package for it to fit. Anyone have a used bezel for sale on here?\\
1-5 of 5 Results