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  1. few quick questions

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    so im about to go to work and i have a few noobie questions but still i need to know haha. 1. so this might be real stupid but its hapend 2 times haha when its wet out i spin my tires alot right? and 2 times going from a stop sign my check oil light comes on and the engine turns off. i have to...
  2. Couple of questions

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    So i am wanting to add subs to my 08 charger se. I have never done any upgrades to any car(this is my first car and i am only 16) so i want some of your opinions. Enclosures. I am looking at these enclosures and i like them but i want your opinions on them and are there any others of the same...
  3. Predator Questions

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Well I decided to Buy the Predator Hooray... Anything I need to know before getting it? Any Information on the system or helpful hints are greatly appreciated... Also How Do U like your Predator? Am I just Hyping myself up?