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  1. Fast, but retains engine life.

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello Everybody. I was reading some car mags the other day and they had a special edition on cars that are fast but still Daily Drivers. This is basically what I want to do with my car. I want it to go fast(er) but I don't want to sacrifice years of engine life to do it. So what mods could I do...
  2. Which Motor oil?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    It is almost time to change my motor oil. What oil are u using? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  3. Running the 91 tune with 89 gas with a Octane booster?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    The 93 tune is to aggressive for my car I was told. my LT KR and ST KR are both 0. Now I can't get 91 but I can get 89 but could I get away With running the 91 tune with 89 gas with a Octane booster? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  4. i got money!!!!!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    so going tdy and i got $7100. im settin 3000 aside for my car. 5.7 by the way. i wanna know where should it go. i have predator 180 stat air raid and flow masters. i was thinking along the lines of cam and heads or didferent rear end headers and something else maybe full corsa kit for exhaust. i...
  5. Gas mileage DECREASE after Predator tune?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    I recently bought the Predator for my '08 3.5. Prior to the tune I was averaging 16.5 MPG, pretty much 100% of that driving is city stop-go traffic. Everything on the car is OEM (for now) with the exception of tires which are 255/55/18. I used the Predator 93 tune running 93 gas and the car...
  6. Can you run E85 in the charger?

    General Charger Discussion
    They have a new E85 station in my area and its like a dollar cheaper than regular gas. Will this stuff work?
  7. new performance upgrade??

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Im stuck, i think im done with the cheap mods so whats next? Is there anything im forgetting? I already have a custom tune from diablo, exhaust upgrade, electronic cutouts (my favorite mod) and a k&n intake. I have a 2006 r/t and i dont know where to go from here besides getting into the real...
  8. ideas of were to start?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    just got my 2010 sxt up and running fine. now just to start thinkin on what to do next anyone have any ideas. im just trying to get some ideas
  9. Any fuel efficiency gurus here?

    General Charger Discussion
    First off, anyone with a snarky "I don't care about mpg" comment can save it and move on from the thread. I don't care if you care or not. I'm looking for a discussion of practices and general principles of fuel efficiency behavior for the 5.7 Hemi. With diesel between 3.89-5.50/gal across...
  10. Regular fuel in your Hemi Charger

    General Charger Discussion
    I was wondering if any of you had, or is using regular gasoline in your Hemi Charger? When I was on vacation and drove to the "Sunshine State", my Dodge charger, with the Hemi engine always filled up on with the Plus grade of gasoline, the Octane was atleast 91. I was getting on average 24 to 25...
  11. More HP please!

    New Member Introductions
    I'm looking to add some more hp to my srt. Other than an intake and exhaust, how can I had 50+ hp on a poor mans budget. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks:
  12. Help with seafoam!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I wanna do sea foam on my 3.5L, but I don't know/am afraid to do it! I've used search to find "where the PCV valve is" but I can't do it unless I have pictures...I don't want to screw up my engine at 90k miles... Should I just pour the whole can into the gas tank then fill up? Will that help...
  13. Installed the 93 CAI tune....

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    A few weeks ago and did not really notice much of a difference, nor did my 0-60's change at all. Also it seemed like the car would either be running phenomenal or running like a complete turd. So just a little while ago i installed the 91 CAI tune in hopes that i will get some better results...
  14. best first mods?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I already have a cai wanting exhaust and have been reading a lot of threads and just want to know if anyone is deleting the middle mufflers when adding two aftermarket mufflers and tips and where are the resonators. And last what else besides cai and exhaust could I do to make this big beast...
  15. No hemi tick

    General Charger Discussion
    So what is the hemi tick? before my cam I had a tick(s) that was my blown header PCV valve was very noisy not after the with 16 non mds lifters and a cam and heads I have nothing but injector noise at an idle. so what does the hemi tick sound like? this is all I got...
  16. Mid-grade in TX is only 89

    General Charger Discussion
    Not cool. The other night I gave DH the Predator I ordered for him. He says he can't because he just filledup with mid-grade. "Perfect" says I, "Mid-grade is 91 because 93 is premium". We go out, attempt t install the 91 tune but can't because the car needs one of those calibration...
  17. 2011 5.7 Hemi Engine Break In?

    General Charger Discussion
    Just picked up my 11' Charger R/T 5.7 (wheels and tunes group) and was wondering if I should break in the engine before putting the pedal to the metal? I've never purchased a brand new vehicle so I am unaware but have heard this before. I didn't get a chance to ask the sales guy before we drove...
  18. '08 SRT8: Mods?

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Hey folks, Looks like I'll be getting a 2008 SRT8 after a long decision process (SRT8 vs. R/T, '08 vs other years, etc etc). It comes with an AIRAID CAI and a Borla cat-back exhaust (I think the "ATAK"). I'm looking to make the car very sleeper. I mean sure, the "HEMI" and "SRT8" badges...
  19. Engine tick or click sound vid

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hi all, can anyone here this slight tick or click sound coming from engine? if anyone knows what it is or have experienced it please share your thoughts thank you .
  20. next performance mod?

    Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Reviews
    If i dont end up selling my car, i was just wondering what the next best performance modd i can do for under $500. I was either thinking electric cut outs, diablo tuner or possibly headers if i can find long tubes for that low of a price. Other then that im stumped on what else i can do. If...