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  1. V6 Specific Discussion
    Looking for any and all tips, tools, and etc. I could use in order to change all 24 rocker arms on 16 dodge charger sxt. Getting strong tick from passenger side of engine. Figured if I change that one I should probably change them all. What do you guys think? What tools should I invest in first...
  2. V6 Specific Discussion
    I have a new 12 SXT V6/8spd that I am breaking in. Owner's manual says first oil change at 8,000 miles. Mine has 110 hours and 3500 miles in about 2.5 months and the information notice on the dash has idicated time for a change. I'm getting about 28 mpg so I don't think I am too spirited of a...
1-2 of 2 Results