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  1. 5.7 Hemi Build

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello everyone, I’m new to these forums and I wanted to share what I am planning on getting for my 2018 Dodge Charger Daytona. I would like some help as I’m new to modding cars and wanted some advice on what is and what isn’t a good idea. Currently I have plans on getting: ProFlex Commander Pro...
  2. HELP!! Part unavailable from Chrysler!!!

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    So the first week of January I got into a minor accident. I was on my way home from work going around a tight bend and the roads were all ice and is was hailing. My rear-end slid out and I hit a sign. It crumpled in the passenger rear side door. I drive a 2013 charger srt by the way. No big...
  3. Supercharging 2010 R/T AWD, what do I need?

    Forced Induction Discussion
    The title pretty much says it all, by the way I'm new here so I'll try not to say anything too stupid! I'm looking to supercharge a 2010 Charger R/T AWD and was looking at going either vortech or procharger, but that's the most important part. I was wondering what other mods, and where I could...
  4. Replacement Power Lock Button

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I have a 2007 Dodge Charger R/T. I love my car, but I have been having an obnoxious problem with it. About a year ago the power lock button (the actual button itself) on the passenger side just popped off the door on its own. I had to have the car in the dealership to get a different repair at...
  5. Need Advice For Stereo Install

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    So I have a kenwood stereo model number # KDC-X995 and I'm wondering what parts/harness I will need to install this into my charger eg- single din or double. Also I need the USB mic that goes with it since it was left in my old car when I removed the stereo and can't seem to find it anywhere...
  6. Wheres The Best Place To Buy Performance Parts

    General Charger Discussion
    Im trying to order some parts, where is the best place for customer service and price?
  7. Best Place To Shop Performance

    General Charger Discussion
    I could bounce around online for hours but I thought Id just ask. Wheres the best place to buy performance parts? Customer service, price.
  8. Steering Column Diagram/Schematic Anyone?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    My cruise control is not working and I've had 2 full diagnostics from different mechanics confirming that it's the cruise stalk (actual control lever) not working. Well, we ordered the switch and have now found that it's the part that the switch plugs into that is not working and the switch is...
  9. Goodbye Charger, hello Challenger, AFE Stage II with prodry S for sale.

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Well, I got crazy and bought a new Challenger R/T tonight, and need to sell the AFE Stage II with prodry S off my Charger R/T, so I can pay for a new catch can (Didn't have time to take it off the old car, nothing about this deal was relaxed, it was a flail as it had to be done tonight). I...
  10. Where can I buy local?

    General Charger Discussion
    Hey everyone. I am new to this forum, and have been a Charger owner for almost a year now. I completed my first mod yesterday, (Auto Headlights) I am very proud of myself for this, and would like to thank these forums for making it so easy for me. After an hour or so searching the forums, I...
  11. Looking for some parts for my 2006 SXT

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hey everyone I just recently purchased this awesome 2006 Charger SXT with a Silver Steel color. I am looking at changing some accessories without spending too much money. I was wondering if anyone had a license plate frame for sale...maybe with SXT on it or a cool looking Dodge Charger one...