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  1. 87 or 89 for 6 cyl?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hey guys, I just bought my 2013 Charger SXT AWD with the Sport Appearance Package that gives it the extra horses to 300 and I was wondering what gas you all would suggest using? I know they say you can use 87, but I'm wondering if performance might get a little better with the 89? Could use...
  2. Fuel? what grade octane is best

    General Charger Discussion
    I just got my charger and was wondering what grade octane is best? Its a 5.7L hemi. What do you use? I read that dodge recommends 89, so thats what I have been running. Is running a higher octane bad for the engine? Tell me what you think...
  3. Shell V-Power???

    General Charger Discussion
    Hi guys, Well, since i got my charger 2008 3.5 i've been using shell V-power 91(no ethanol). Shell claim that their "Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System, removes build-ups from vehicle’s intake valves and fuel injectors, making your engine cleaner and protecting it from developing additional...
  4. 89 Octane

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I was reading the 2006 Manual and it said I should use 89 octane for the 5.7. I guess I assumed that I would use 93 before I read that. It mentioned that routine use of premium fuel may cause engine problems. I do not have a predator installed...yet. Should I use 89 octane? An extra $.10 a...