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  1. Engine Code HELP

    General Charger Discussion
    Got a code p1128 which I think could be my bank 1 o2 sensors but if that were the case wouldn’t I get a code directly saying it’s the o2 sensor(s)?
  2. Reading .lgf log files

    General Charger Discussion
    Hey all, I just spend a bunch of cash on an OBD-II cable, and an iPhone app to record performance. I assumed the logs would be saved as .csv or .txt files. Negatory. Now I have a bunch of .lgf files, and no way to view them. What should I use (and please tell me it's free).
  3. Charger R/T with p0300, p0308 and p1521 codes

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hello to everyone, so i got this three codes Simultaneously , so far i know that 1521 its for incorrec enginel oil type, so changed the oil for 5w 20 (used to be 10W 30) and changed the spark plugs becouse of the p0300 and p0308 (multiple cylinder misfire / cylinder 8 misfire) well the check...