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  1. New to the Mopar world

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    I’ve always been an LS guy but purchased a 16 SRT back in March. It’s been a fun car and I absolutely love it. Was wanting to do some performance upgrades this winter. Was thinking long tubes, cam, and maybe 100 shot. Any advice on tuning, converter/trans, heads, fuel or other supporting mods is...
  2. F/S: NX Nitrous Kit For Sale

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    For sale is a NX Kit for sale. It was intended for my Jeep SRT but I got a pro charger now. It is a plate system. It has a ZEX bottle that is with it. The kit is as I got it from my friend. I never had a chance to install it. It has the bottle, the plate, solenoids, braided lines, the jetting...
  3. Nitrous question

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Does anyone have first hand experience with how the 5.7 hemi likes nitrous (if at all?) If so, what kit/set up did you have? Im thinking of adding a kit to my charger but I haven't really found much on how it would work out:confused:
  4. 06 RT doing a burnout on a 100 shot of nitrous

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Video is on Youtube:
  5. FS : Foose Nitrous Greys

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Well it is time to clean out some space. I hate to do this as I love these wheels but with 4 sets something has to go and these have not really been on the car in over 18 months. These were bought new from 402 Motoring in Feb 06 These were Sping-Fall combo for me Never saw snow. These are the...
  6. WTT Full ZEX kit for Anything worthy.

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Well, I'm really bored and That's right, I'm going to trade my Entire ZEX kit for something worthy. I've had this kit in my car for a month then took it out and now this ZEX kit has been sitting in my room for half a year and I want something for Christmas. I have the ZEX kit + Race Tuner Kit +...
  7. FS- ZEX Nitrous

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Some body please take these off my hands. I have a complete ZEX kit(still have the instructions and all the jets) for the Charger, Magnum, and 300C. It was on my car for a month only used one bottle and now it's sitting in my room with a full bottle. I have the ZEX kit + the Race Tuner Kit +...
  8. Pattern Testing of the Arrington 90mm Throttlebody with Integrated Nitrous Injection

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys, Here’s a quick video of the initial pattern testing of our integrated nitrous injection. This test was done with 100 PSI of air and Approx 40 PSI water. Let us know what you think!
  9. VRE-2007 Charger SRT8 Nitrous Install

    Victory Racing Engines LLC
    Triple Gauge Pillar Custom Switch Panel In Cup Holders Bottle Install With Opener, Heater and Blow Down Tube Custom Purge Install With Lights In Wheel Wells Zex Kit