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  1. Hurst Clearance Event

    Hurst Performance Products
    [CENTER]Hurst Clearance Event is going on now! [SIZE=4]Looking to score a great deal on great performance? Hurst is now offering clearance specials on parts that you enjoy at a price that you will love. Take a second and check out our selection of items currently listed and see what we have...
  2. Borla ProXS muffler on SXT?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey guys I was just wondering if anybody has a ProXS muffler installed on their SXT. I have the blastin bobs 12db but want to get rid of the stock muffler for the Borla for better sound and a slight increase in MPG's and performance
  3. Charger str8 stock full exhaust

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Charger srt8 full exhaust off my 09 srt only had on for about 3000 miles when removed includes manifolds, mufflers, and cat converters
  4. Set the record SRT8 about Resos and Mufflers

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I just got back from visiting a local muffler shop here in DC a few blocks for where I worked.. At first the guy seemed to be very informative when discussing mechanics with other customers....BUT I informed him of what I wanted to get done to my Charger RT (Brycleem mod) Remove the suitcase...
  5. 2008 R/T stock exhaust and airbox

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Replaced both with aftermarket parts want to get rid of the stock. I only have 4,500 miles on the car. Full exhaust system (not the cats, but factory headers are included) - $250 o.b.o. Stock airbox and plastic pipe to the throttle body - $50 o.b.o. I really just want to get rid of them. I...
  6. Winter Recession Buster Deal #1

    Pypes Performance Exhaust
    We understand that our first production run this Fall had a couple of fit issues. Since that time we've worked the issues out. To renew your confidence, we're going to offer a special price and a no excuses guarantee to forums members. Check back shortly.