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  1. PPP takes second in Modern HEMI Class Mopar Nats

    Power Ported Performance
    We ran 2 stock Challengers in the Modern Hemi class and took second due to a red light in the finals. Jeremys final run was: reaction time: -0.14 60ft: 2.141 1/8: 8.896 1/4: 13.679 mph: 105.58 The fastest time with a Stock Challenger was one of ours at: 60ft: 2.042 1/8: 8.606 1/4: 13.303...
  2. Mopar Nationals, Columbus, OH 2007

    Picture/Media Post
    I guess I might as well go ahead and setup the thread for photos of the 2007 Mopar Nationals weekend. This way they are all in the same place for everybody to enjoy. Just in case anybody wants to share any pre-, during, post-event photos. :) :wink: :)
  3. 2007 Columbus, OH - Mopar Nationals

    Great Lakes States
    :wax:***IT'S MOPAR NATIONALS TIME!!!***:wax: Who is going??? Would be very cool if we can all meet up somewhere before heading into the Nationals, then we would be able to park together as well. What: 27th Annual Mopar Nationals When: Friday, August 10, 2007 - Sunday, August 12, 2007 Time...