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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    So I recently got my 2014 Dodge Charger SE and I have done some minor mods but nothing performance yet. So, I had a question regarding which CAI to get. I was looking at both the K&N 63-1564 and the K&N 69-2544TP, I wasn't sure which one people recommend more between the two. I was hoping for...
  2. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    I am selling my 2008 Dodge Charger RT for $24,000. I am selling for $24,000 because that's what I currently owe on the car. I'm looking for another car, don't really get a rush out of an RT like I thought I would. I'm looking more for an older SRT or something. My car is Brilliant Black in...
1-2 of 2 Results