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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    What all is needed for this upgrade? As far as im aware, you need the screen, temperature control unit, a specific usb media hub and a specific harness. Any extra specific information or advice would be highly appreciated.
  2. General Charger Discussion
    I'm not dropping 3x what the whole car is worth in a supercharger but I do want better mpg and horsepower on the highway I'm thinking a ram air intake is the solution? For anyone who doesn't know or is confused I'm not talking about a short ram intake where I just cut the hose shorter and...
  3. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I got a brand new 2021 R/T and want to start putting some performance mods into it without for sure voiding the warranty. What you all got? Hit me with it!
  4. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello everyone, I’m new to these forums and I wanted to share what I am planning on getting for my 2018 Dodge Charger Daytona. I would like some help as I’m new to modding cars and wanted some advice on what is and what isn’t a good idea. Currently I have plans on getting: ProFlex Commander Pro...
  5. Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Bought myself some SRT seats for my 07 Charger. My Charger has power nothing as far seats go so I wonder how easy this install will Put the back seats in earlier today. Looks like one I run a power and ground to the switch, I'll have the power functions hopefully. Just making this...
  6. Picture/Media Post
    A few people asked for some pics with the top down, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. Since today is clear, here ya go! I know, I know. I'm crazy for chopping the top, but I'm different, so I figured my car should be also. Check em out!:banana:
  7. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Well after looking at RTjunkie's traction control button mod, I thought I'd give it a try. I got all the way to the end when I decided to flip the switch to turn on the traction control to test the switch (it was off when I unplugged the Dynamic Sensor Supply module). So i had the module plugged...
  8. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    The reason I ask is because I got a second flowmaster put on my charger today so I could have dual pipes, and I haven't put tips on the exhaust pipes yet (mainly because the ones I like are way out of my budget.) Then I started wondering if you could throw an 11/12 rear bumper on an 07 so that...
  9. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I had yet another issue with the belly pan on the Charger. As 90% of those of you with an SRT and/or a lowered Charger know, something that happens often is that you get the stinking nose caught on a parking block. When you pull out you hear the screach of death... the belly pan ripping off the...
  10. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hello im Zach, new to being a member to this site but have been using it for a while. I've been looking into buying a set of new halo head lights for my charger but all I've been able to find is the "Headlight Kits" and full headlights but they look blaah. i don't want to break open my headlight...
  11. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Whats up everyone, I got my Charger pre-owned and the guy/gal that had it before me demolded it, tinted it and added the spoiler. I have been searching and reading a ton of information on this great forum and finally decided to do something, to scratch that itch if you will !. Money is not...
1-11 of 12 Results