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  1. New England Area
    As many of you may have read on the NEMC thread on LX, one of our Canadian (eh) bretheren is visiting Boston July 10th thru the 14th. I thought it be fun to get a few local members together for lunch with him and his family. Here's the scoop: :beerchug: Meet at the Radisson Boston Hotel, 200...
  2. Regional Events & Meets
    You dont have to post in the thread but if you visit please vote If there was a "Middle America Meet & Greet" would you attend? I have kicked this idea around in my head for a few months and have been in contact with someone at Kansas Motor Speedway about an LX event in April '09. NOTHING IS...
  3. New England Area
    Calling all cars!!!:) I live in Princeton which is near Calais. Just wondering, I do not recall any on around 4-5 years ago. I know there's a couple up the road aways that have a Inferno Red R/T?!:grin:
1-3 of 3 Results