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  1. 2009 dodge charge turns off after gets warm 2.7

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    2009 dodge charge when cold runs perfect when it gets warm it vibrates and dies down I change all spark plugs and coils ran Thur scan say misfire 301 I did see a piece of rubber around the spark plug that I thought was suppose to be there not sure now because the others didn’t have it 6...
  2. Good mechanic in NYC (Manh, Qns or Bklyn)

    Mid-Atlantic Area
    Anyone know of a good mechanic in NYC? I live in Manhattan, but Queens or Brooklyn is fine, too.
  3. Anybody have an IL or WI Dealership recommendation?

    Great Lakes States
    I have some TSB's and other problems I want to get check under my warranty before it runs out and the local Dodge places (Im 2 hrs north of madison) dont want to help and seem inexperienced. I dont think they've ever worked on a SRT. Iv searched on here and it seems like dodge / chrysler...