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  1. Intake Manifolds and Nitrous Kits

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Thanks for All of your help thus far brothers, these forums are the best place to go HONESTLY for any Mopar Question. Now... What's better for my mods (especially the Inertia Big Valve Heads and Spartan Plus Cam), 6.1 Intake Manifold or 5.7 Eagle Intake Manifold? Can anyone help me get one of...
  2. WTB/WTT/NEED Stock 5.7 Exhaust manifolds - Houston Area

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hey everyone. I'm in need of a stock set of exhaust manifolds for my 2006 Charger 5.7 RT RT. I had Mopar Headers and high flow cats installed shortly after I bought it new and now they are falling apart. The warranty is long since expired. I keep getting hairline cracks in the headers by the...
  3. Manifold Question - need help

    General Charger Discussion
    2 questions... #1 How hot do you think our manifolds get? I have the plastic 5.7 Manifold and I assume this must be a high temp plastic. I own my own powder coat business. If I preheat a part I can hit it hot with the powder. I only need to get the part to 390 degrees F. I would assume the...
  4. New V6 Video: Inertia Cams, 74mm Ported TB, Ported Manifold

    V6 Specific Discussion
    I recorded a new video of my 2005 Magnum SXT with the Inertia V1.1 Camshafts, Ported & polished manifold, ported & polished 74mm throttle body and custom tuned by Mike Lafrad. Bolt-ons include AirHammer HO intake, Blastin Bobs 10db kit (replaced suitcase w/ dynomax muffler), and airflow mods...