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  1. Street edge coil-overs

    I have an 09 SXT and right now i have it lowered with the Eibach Pro kit springs but I want to go lower. Does anyone have pictures of Street edge coil-overs maxed out to their lowest setting on a v6? I did a search but most people have them on Hemi's and I know those already sit lower than the...
  2. Post pics of street edge coilovers maxed out

    I wanna see these coilovers maxed out on a set of 22s. im trying to see how low they really get/look. and also reviews? i seen where a guy had to replace after 10k miles, then again after 7k. so your input on them and pics would be greatly appreciated. i know there is plenty of threads about...
  3. (PICS) Finally lowered eibach Pro Kit

    After 2 months of having my 22s on I have finally lowered my ride using the eibach pro kit. The pics are 2 days after I lowered it. I also tinted my tail lights a light smoke, and my plasti dip blackout trunk is still looking good after a month I sprayed it on. Let me know what yall guys think. :D
  4. I shot my gf's ride..... 56k unsafe

    Picture/Media Post
    gf's Dodge Charger SXT with Viper Rims lowered on an Eibach Pro-kit ;] rolling shot Uploaded with custom halos that i made Uploaded with her driving Uploaded with rear rolling shot Uploaded with chillaxin' Uploaded with...
  5. For Sale: 2006 Dodge Charger RT. HEMI. Under 25k Miles. Mods. $18,500 OBO

    Cars For Sale/Wanted
    I'm moving (from the Washington DC area) so I need to sell my 2006 Dodge Charger. It has VERY low milage. Under 25k miles. Always garage kept and used synthetic oil for all oil changes (which I have done religiously). I have modified the car with a aftermarket MOPAR cold air intake (boosting...