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  1. Charger Enter-N-GO problem! Anyone else?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I purchased a 2011 dodge charger Mopar edition last week. I love it! this is my first dodge I was a Chevy guy prior but I needed a 4 door (family car, with some muscle). I love this Keyless Enter-N-Go feature but I notice the passenger side one is not working. I read it can time out so I tried...
  2. SLP Line Lock Install

    Just picked up an SLP Line Lock kit from Speedlogix in Florida and installed it. It is pretty simple but I thought I would do a short write up on the install. SLP is really good at putting the kit together. Writing instructions... well, let's just say it's not what they are the best at... :) I...
  3. Rear Door Actutator (linkage) Assembly Help

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hello All, I am the proud owner of a 2009 Dodge Charger Police HD and am I am in the process of installing the rear door linkage so it can be opened from the inside. I have run into some trouble however. First, I have searched on this forum and LX forum and have found some help regarding door...
  4. Washed only key. How do get work?!

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Wash my only key. It worked for half a day and now won't work at all. Cant seem to open the door manually. Can only open the truck. How do I get in the car? Is there a way to lower the back seats from inside the trunk to get in? How do/can i open the doors? Will the car start? Will the...
  5. Nord Lock Locking Washers - A Geat Solution For Exhaust Leak

    General Charger Discussion
    Nord-Lock Locking Washers - A Great Solution For Exhaust Leak First off, credit for this find goes to Cam (LX Forums). After a few months and no less than 8 attempts to keep my bolts tightened between the header to the mids (high flows), I was about to go "nuts" (no pun intended). My previous...
  6. aFe Stage II, Husky Liner floormats, Mopar wheel locks, hood struts FOR SALE

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hey everyone! My lease ends this month, so its time to take off all my goodies... I live in the SE Michigan (Detroit) area and would greatly prefer local pickup PRICES ARE FOR LOCAL PICKUP I'm selling: aFe Stage II Kit (Has about 18k miles on it) - in original box - $125 aFe sold A great...