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  1. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Keep in mind my charger does have 214,000+ miles. Oil is checked and always around lower max to mid. 1) I got my charger from a friend back in June 2020 and he said the stalled start has always happened to him for around 2 years. It does seem to help with full tank of gas and if the car is still...
  2. Interior Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Howdy, I was looking to have my interior lights all done as LED lights, but since I just got my 2014 Dodge Charger R/T, I am a bit hesitant. Only reason is the removal of the covers or panels to get at the bulbs. My 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES it was pretty straight forward when I did it. It was...
  3. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    So I just bought a Mopar 11 charger but the trunk lights don't work. I've looked around the forum and people have been suggessting fuse #38 but in my manual that covers the power outlet (which work). In my manual it says fuse #8 for the interior lighting which all work besides the trunk. I'm...
  4. Charger Problems/Assistance
    The interior lights will NOT turn off at all when we press them while driving at night. How can we turn them off without dimming down the instrument panel lighting or without removing the light bulbs? Sorry im a newbie when it comes to this kind of stuff. I still love the car though.
1-4 of 4 Results