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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey Gents, I do NOT want to buy something unnecessary, and ultimately want a better ET even if its by a tenth. You know my mods in my Signature. Give me input on the following questions, or put me in a better direction to mods for the $$$...!!! Hey here are a few questions for y'all (please...
  2. General Charger Discussion
    Hey guys i'm tryin to find other forum members who are goin to the auto club drag way races tomorrow. Im in socal and just wanna see if i can get a nice race goin hehe
  3. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Last friday march 21 2014 i went down to RaceLegal at Qualcomm Stadium for the 1/8th mile Drag races, and I was very pleased with the results of my new modifications. Now i did have 3/4 tank of gas when i got there and i did make many hot laps (not reccomended i know) and the track was...
  4. General Charger Discussion
    I just wanted to post this thread to show my appreciation for the work done by Lonnie AKA WhiteHemi with MPR Motor Sports. It may have seemed like an easy job, and it may have only taken 2 days to do, but Lonnie is among the best -if not the BEST- for what he does with these LX's in the amount...
  5. V6 Specific Discussion
    I recorded a new video of my 2005 Magnum SXT with the Inertia V1.1 Camshafts, Ported & polished manifold, ported & polished 74mm throttle body and custom tuned by Mike Lafrad. Bolt-ons include AirHammer HO intake, Blastin Bobs 10db kit (replaced suitcase w/ dynomax muffler), and airflow mods...
1-5 of 5 Results