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    Central Illinois Club/Group Active Members/Cars damoochie - 2017 Pitch Black Charger Scat Pack BrightSilverHemi - 2014 Black Charger R/T BriBri1984 - 2015 Black Challenger R/T 6spd BlackDevil(CrowdSlayer) - 2018 B5 Blue Charger Scat Pack Drthvader(not on forums) - 2017 Focus ST Started out...
  2. Anybody have an IL or WI Dealership recommendation?

    Great Lakes States
    I have some TSB's and other problems I want to get check under my warranty before it runs out and the local Dodge places (Im 2 hrs north of madison) dont want to help and seem inexperienced. I dont think they've ever worked on a SRT. Iv searched on here and it seems like dodge / chrysler...