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hid lights

  1. Upgrading from Halogen to HID. Low beams and foglights

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Whatsup everyone. I'm looking to upgrade my stock halogen low beams and fogs to hid. I found a set of oem hid headlights (the entire assembly with projector). If i were to buy them, what would I need to install them? Would i need to purchase a kit with ballasts and error code disabler, or will...
  2. 2008-10 oem projectors on 2006

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Can someone please help me out or explain to me what id need to make this happen. i was going to purchase 08-10 projectors off of 1aauto but my friend told me they use d1s for the HID's i have hids in my charger now but i know those arent the right ones to fit in the projectors. can someone tell...
  3. hid fog lights??

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    i am looking to install hid fog lights on my 2006 charger sxt. i am not sure if i need to buy the whole fog light housing or is it as simple as replacing the bulb with the hid bulb and amp (like replacing the regular headlights with hid kit). if anybody know i would appreciateit. also if any...
  4. Wax and HID Lights

    General Charger Discussion
    I have an 06 TorRed Daytona (#0854). My questions are. What kind of wax can I use on both the Torred color and the flatish black hood and Daytona stripes along the rear ? I hear alot of discussion about HID lights, does this take any modifacation other than bulbs?, just checking, you guys and...
  5. Forum Members Only! NOTTO® SE HID KITS SPECIAL!

    What’s up everybody, it’s Justin from WoodView. I am just checking in to let everybody know that we are offering an Exclusive Sale on NOTTO SE HID KITS for a limited time only! This sale is for visitors of the message board as a way of saying “thanks” for checking WoodView out and seeing what...