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  1. Vendor Deals
    The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat set the world on fire when it first rolled onto the scene for 2015, with an awesome 707-horsepower supercharged Hemi V8 making it the most powerful V8 Dodge of all time. Eight years on, it’s still captivating fans and pushing the performance envelope, most...
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    this might seem like a dumb question but does anyone know if the regular hellcats(not the red eye)all come wit a 3.09 geared diff and 230 mm axels.
  3. Dodge Charger News
    Just ran across this in the morning headlines...
  4. General Charger Discussion
    Hello I recently ordered a 2022 Charger Widebody Hellcat, I just got the email that my order was confirmed and I got the VIN and VON. Question is for someone that has already purchased one before, how long does it take on average for the car to be built/sent out I got the email on 6/3/2022 just...
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Unless I’m wrong, Girodisc makes Demon Performance rotors. The part number from GiroDisc is girod1-244. The vanes are directional and marked. So you can put them on wrong. The slots are curved. They weigh about ~26lbs each. So look for the shipping weight to be roughly 55lbs with packing...
    $750 USD
  6. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
  7. Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    Just looking for some answers to see if this is fixable i've had my charger for 2years now and i've finally came upon a accident 🤦🏽‍♂️😭Fixable or totaled? prolly not totaled but ik its going to be a costful fix
  8. Indigo_pudytat

    This is my 2020 Widebody hellcat Charger the Pudytat, it’s themed like Sylvester the cat as a couples theme with my wife’s yellow Pontiac solstice tweety bird. I have had the interior and under the hood pieces hydro dipped in indigo forged carbon fiber, legmaker intake , custom stripe and...
  9. General Charger Discussion
    A very good friend of mine is sick, not COVID, but deadly just the same. He drives a Challenger Hellcat and I’d love to find him a large Hellcat teddy bear to place at his feet so he can smile and know the MOPAR world and myself are there for him. If you don‘t know where I can find one, could...
  10. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello all. I’m looking to make my Scat faster. I’m in a toss up between a forged 392 with some model of pro charger( not set on one yet ) or buying a fairly close to cost Complete Hellcat drop in with trans. What would be the better option ? Looking to shoot for 750/800wheel on a reliable...
  11. General Charger Discussion
    What’s the most effective hood for chargers?
  12. SRT Engineering Q&A Area
    I was wanting to know if a 2021 wide body Hellcat Redeye Hood from Mopar is a direct fit on a 2020 widebody 392. If anybody has done this I would like any feedback. Thanks in advance
  13. General Charger Discussion
  14. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    I have a 2021 Charger GT with the track pack. The car has been lowered on Pro lowering springs and has the OEM Hellcat 5 spoke 20" x 9.5" wheels. I want to know what the best size tires i can put on these wheels are, for road and course tracking the car, considering its a V6 and doesn't need...
  15. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    These are one off Wheels by Motion Forged. Custom built to spec. They are 20x9.5 and 17x10. They were built to hellcat specs but work the same on any challenger charger 300 Any of those applications. The wheels are extremely lightweight and extremely Strong. They are wrapped in Nitto Nt05 up...
  16. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    2015+ Charger 3-pod Gauge A-Pillar Replacement Guys I have a 2015+ Charger 3 gauge cluster whatever the freak it’s called. It’s a full a-pillar replacement. It’s black. It was on my car for like 6 months. And then there were some change of plans. It’s in 99% condition. I took off 1% because...
  17. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hello I was wondering if I can simply bolt on a hellcat diff into my 2011 rt diff? Or what will I need? Or what can I buy that’s A LSD ?
  18. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hey So I have this idea about putting a Hellcat engine in my 2011 Charger. I have a 5.7 hemi in it now. Is it possible to put the Hellcat in a 2011? I know they make crate engines for 2015 and up. If it is possible, is there more I would have to do than swap the engine? Like exhaust, headers...
  19. General Charger Discussion
    This kid "vtuned" is rebuilding a salvaged Hellcat. Not only is he doing incredible work, but he's documenting it all on YouTube. Buying the Hellcat: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  20. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension (2011 +)
    Hi, this is my first post I'm about to purchase genuine Hellcat wheels for my 2017 R/T They're both 20" but I was wondering if I would need to buy spacers since my current wheels are 8" wide and the Hellcat wheels are 9.5" any feedback is greatly appreciated Thanks! :banana:
1-20 of 32 Results