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  1. Overseas
    Hi, Can any one let me know which type of petrol is suitable for my dodge charger 2013 se V6 here in Germany as they are having here Super E5 , Super E10 and Super Plus and I am not sure which one i am supposed to use for my car. Regards,
  2. Overseas
    Hello all, Can you let me know, if I want to order some OEM part for dodge charger, where do we order that from here in Germany, was looking for wipe blades, I did get some but not OEM, thought I ask the community. Regards,
  3. Overseas
    Hello from Germany, So I finally got my imported dodge charger cleared from TUV. The next step is getting the car registered and I already have an appointment from my local citizen office. I just learned that the maximum size of a number plate I can have is 38 inches, will the 38 inch number...
1-3 of 3 Results