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  1. New from Houston

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, this is my first post but i've had a Charger for awhile now. I have a 2009 sxt. So far as for what i have done to it is i've changed from the stock non projector headlights to Depo oem projector replica headlights and have added Flashtech halos, debadged, switched to oem SRT wheels, Big...
  2. LED Indicator Light for Flashtech v.3 Fusion Halos

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    I haven’t seen this done before, so I thought I would share. I recently purchased and installed Flashtech v.3 Fusion color changing Halos, and I wanted to be able to know when they were on and what color they were set at without having to get out of the car and go look at them. So I installed a...
  3. New Halos and H.I.D's need help installing.

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Hey guys so this Christmas i recieved Flashtech's Blue 6 ring or 3 ring whatever you wanna call them headlight halos and Head and fog light H.I.D. bulbs from HIDgate and after searching around on here and lxforums im a little uncertain of the install. Mainly on the LED halos since all the...
  4. Question about lighting/switching

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Hello all! I've researched and bookmarked many of the countless threads regarding Halo installation and wiring help. Can't really ascertain an answer from the multitude of posts and wiring diagrams I've seen, so: I'm wiring my flashtech halos (heads and fogs, no turn signals) to a single LED...
  5. Flashtech Customer Service

    I bought a set of 3 ringed Halo's from Flashtech and had them installed less then 6 months ago. I loved them till my Led's began burning... So I call Flashtech several times and no one answers, I send Wes and Steve emails and messages on the forums but no one responds till I write a thread on...
  6. Custom Bullet Halo Controller I Built

    Now if only the halos were here.... Will post new vid when they come in. If you are having trouble reading the notepad: The outer lights represent the white rings on right and left of car and inner are the red rings... Made it outta some parts I...
  7. Let's See Your Halos

    General Charger Discussion
    Post pictures of your halos. Post what color temp you bought etc. If a thread like this already exists let me know. I thought this might be good to have incase people are on the fence as to which ones they should purchase. Thanks! :burnout: