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  1. Charger Problems/Assistance
    My vehicle is a 2010 Dodge Charger R/T AWD 5.7L HEMI. Background: I got my car last October, and my Intune around January. I had been able to flash with no issues, and it made me fall in love with my Dodge all over again. This spring, I needed to bring the car in to the dealer for a minor...
  2. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Kray-z situation here and really don't know where to start...any help? So periodically I will be driving down the road (3.5V6 Engine), say 65mph and when I give the car gas to accelerate, the instrument panel starts going haywire and the car wont accelerate (See video below). The Check Engine...
  3. V6 Specific Discussion
    Okay, I'm looking to flash my 2008 dodge charger 2.7's PCM with B&G. I have a spare PCM that I bought on eBay, the donor car was also a 2008 2.7. I swapped it with my stock PCM to see if it was functional, the car started then shut off right away. When I put mine back it, it was back to normal...
1-3 of 3 Results