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  1. 2010 dodge charger 2.7L Exhaust

    Community Help
    Someone near me has a CatBack dual exhaust system belonging to a 07 charger RT. I am wondering if it would fit my 2010 2.7L. From what I can find the part numbers for the isolator, rear brackets, and heat shields match but that's all. Looking for someone who might have a better insight beyond...
  2. Vibrant 1794s in Place of Mids

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I have a 2019 Daytona (5.7) and am wanting a little more from my exhaust. I am looking at the Vibrant 1794s in place of the mids and leaving the rear resonators. Does anyone have a video they can share with this setup. I have seen a bunch of videos with this setup with the 6.4s but have only...
  3. 2018 Charger R/T with Mid Muffler Delete - Sharing my experience

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hi Everyone, I just recently had the Mid Muffler delete done on my 2018 Charger R/T. The shop removed the mid mufflers in about 30 mins, leaving the active exhaust and resonators on the car still. The shop charged me $100 and it was probably the best value modification for this car...
  4. Glasspack Question

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello all, I am the new owner of a '12 Charger R/T and also new to the forums. I'm looking at doing some exhaust mods and saw that the previous owner deleted the resonators and kept the stock mid-mufflers in place. I've noticed an irritating drone that occurs on startup and low RPMs and I know...
  5. Borla Atak

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I'm wanting to put a Borla Atak Cat-back system on my 2015 Charger R/T. When I look at them online, the exhaust says it fits models without MDS, which I thought all models had. Does this mean it's not compatible?

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  7. Looking either to get flomaster 40 or 44's for my 06 SXT

    V6 Specific Discussion
    I don't want something crazy loud, but I want a nice deep note that doesn't have much drone and will sound good outside. Not looking to replicate a V8, just the stock is so quiet. Also do the walker intermediate pipes meant for 06 RT fit under the 06 SXT as well? I can't seem to find a left side...

    General Charger Discussion
    So I have a 2018 Dodge Charger RT scat pack and I have my mid-mufflers deleted. But it’s not loud enough. What are everyone’s thoughts about adding some cherry bomb resonators? Will that give it more tone and make it louder? Or should I just say F it and straight pipe? Let me know
  9. Removing active exhaust actuators

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey all! I have a '19 R/T and would love the exhaust to have the cold start sound at all times. Can the exhaust actuators be disconnected or removed? Will that throw an engine light? Will it even keep the cold start sound? I'm thinking of doing a mid-muffler delete as well which has been...
  10. Mid-muffler delete- Warranty void?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey all! Thinking of removing both my mid mufflers on my '19 R/T. Will this void any emissions related warranty claims should they arise? Don't want to give the dealer any excuses to get out of any repairs if needed. I currently have 2500 miles on it. Thanks!
  11. Thoughts on Flowmaster 44s or Super 10s?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    I've got a 2018 SXT Plus, I just got her yesterday. 3.6 Pentastar as everyone knows, and of course one of the first things you have to do is make it loud. I was wondering what input I could get for a new muffler setup. I plan on removing my resonator, and don't want to get the high-toned Rice...
  12. Charger and active exhaust

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I currently own a Dodge charger RT 2012, I honestly don't like the sound of the '12 charger compared to the charger '17+ sound, I discovered that dodge added a new thing called "Active exhaust", So i wondered how do i make my '12 charger sound exactly like the new chargers, Should I buy...
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  14. Resonator delete v.s. Mid Muffler delete 2008 5.7 Hemi V8

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys. I love the sound of my 5.7 V8 Hemi, but I really want to make my car louder. I am considering either a resonator delete or a mid muffler delete. Would anyone be able to tell me the pros and cons of either mod? I would really appreciate it!
  15. #1 Source for Exhausts & Headers Corsa Borla ARH SW Meisterschaft & More

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  16. Headers for my '13 Charger R/T

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    I wanted some input on a good brand of headers, short or long tube, and anything additional that I would need to do or buy for them to work efficiently i.e. exhaust system, tune, etc. Some other good mod recommendations would be appreciated as well.
  17. Hurst Clearance Event

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  18. p2096 & p2098

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Had cat codes 420 & 430 replaced downstream 02s with NTK sensors. Still had cat codes replaced both cats with aftermarket cats. No more cat codes now i have 2096 and 2098 codes. What gives?
  19. Charger 3.5l V6 Resonator Delete, back pressure effected?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    I hate to do it! Bring up yet ANOTHER reso delete post, however, after 30 minutes of turning over rocks on this forum I couldn't find anything that answered my question. Most everybody else's posts were about the R/T or the SRT engines. I found a few on the V6, but this question was never...
  20. Hurst Billet/Plus Pistol-Grip Shift Handle for the 2015-2017 Dodge Charger

    Hurst Performance Products
    Hurst Billet/Plus Pistol-Grip Shift Handle for the 2015-2018 Dodge Charger - Part #5380437 Application: Fits 2015-2018 Dodge Charger/Challenger, and 2018 Durango. All models and engines with automatic transmission. Features: Hurst introduces their new Billet/Plus Pistol-Grip Shift handle...