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  1. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hello all, I have a 2014 Dodge Charger R/T AWD. I've been having an intermittent problem with my radio display randomly going black. The radio will still play with no issues, just the display goes black. I bought a replacement display on eBay and I still have the same issue. It doesn't appear...
  2. General Charger Discussion
    In 2020 I bought a pair of taillights from CarID and haven’t had any problems until now. The left taillight works perfectly fine but the right one doesn’t. The running light turns on when I turn on my lights but when I go to use my blinker it gives me nothing and same with the brake light. Any...
  3. Charger Problems/Assistance
    I sat with the car off for about 30 minutes and noticed it started to make this weird electrical noise, any idea what it could be? Never had any electrical issues
  4. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hi all I’m having some major electrical issues with the car and this code seems to be my biggest foe, as I don’t have much automotive electrical knowledge. The code B212D is for the ignition run only input circuit open. I’m also getting code p0480 for the cooling fan 1 control circuit...
  5. Charger Problems/Assistance
    I have 2013 Dodge Charger Sxt Plus. Makes a Beeping/Elextrical Noise Behind Glove Box. Can't seem to figure out What's Casuing Noise. It will make noise when car is on and/or Off. No Troubles Pop up when doing a diagnosis test. Car runs, starts, drives fine. All bells and whistles work. Not...
1-5 of 5 Results