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eibach pro kit

  1. Rim/tire fitment help

    Hey guys, This is my first post but I was wondering if hellcat reps (20in x 9.5in) with 285/35 in the rear and 275/35 in the front with Eibach pro kit springs will rub? Anyone running these? Thanks
  2. Considering lowering...

    Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension (2011 +)
    Thinking about different mods for the future, and considering lowering my 14 R/T. Not something I would be doing this month or anything, but I was looking to get some feedback. Is this possible to do? I was reading where it can screw with some other things in the car. What would I need and...
  3. (PICS) Finally lowered eibach Pro Kit

    After 2 months of having my 22s on I have finally lowered my ride using the eibach pro kit. The pics are 2 days after I lowered it. I also tinted my tail lights a light smoke, and my plasti dip blackout trunk is still looking good after a month I sprayed it on. Let me know what yall guys think. :D
  4. Help on adding Eibach Pro Kit

    I was wondering if can ride my 07 Charger SXT on Eibach Pro kit springs with the (stock) shocks or would I need to get after market shocks? Thx for the help