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  1. Dublin, OH Arthritis Foundation Auto Show 2007

    Picture/Media Post
    Had a great time at this event and took home my first car show trophy as well. Thought I would share some pics of the Mopars in attendance. I attended the event with 2 other LX forum members Roger (rogerdoger) and Ron (Rodie). Only saw 1 other LX, a 300C SRT8 from Ontario, Canada. Waited around...
  2. Ohio: Arthritis Auto Show: July 6-7

    Great Lakes States
    Anybody planning to attend this one or show their car? The cruise-in was yesterday and the actual car show is today. All cars are welcome. It is in Dublin, Ohio for anybody interested. I will most likely be attending as well as Roger (rogerdoger) and Ron (Rodie). Those of you that were at the...