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  1. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I have a dodge charger 2012 sxt plus and i have the 8.4 inch Uconnect screen, the problem is whenever i use the disc or the USB or the SD slot the Uconnect screen keeps blinking and sometimes crashing off and turns red, Anyone had this issue please advise
  2. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    long story short.. about 6 months ago brought my dodge charger to a friend of a friend at a dodge dealership and showed him my factory navigation wasn't working... he said its the disc, so he sold me a brand NEW dodge (AH) Disc, worked great, starting a week ago my navigation stopped working...
  3. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I burned an mp3 disc using iTunes about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes it plays the songs but in a strange order. When I first put in the disc it will only let me play songs 1-13 - that is all. Once it plays for a while I can access only songs 14-26, I can no longer play songs 1-13. It never loads all...
1-3 of 3 Results