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  1. Camry before and after thanks to Adam's and Junkman!

    Hi all, Well spent my Saturday working on someone's Camry, I used Adam's products, Junkman's videos and my PC. I was really impressed with it, but in my opinion the car still needed more work. The hood took me 3 passes of (ssh,sh,pol). Now this thing was filthy, it had hard water stains...
  2. hand polishing technique for the chargers

    Adams Polishes
    so i just recently bought the adam's premium hand polish and wax kit and can't wait to give it a try on my car. though i have a few questions that popped into my head that i'd like to clear up before tackling the job. i happened to watch the junkman's video on the "slow cut" technique when...
  3. Maintaining a Brilliant Black Crystal Car

    my 09 charger and my moms 05 grand cherokee are both brilliant black crystal. now, i love the color, but i hate maintaining it. i've been really trying to stay on top of cleaning the charger as much as i can between rain storms, where as the grand cherokee will sit for a few months at a time all...
  4. Walmart Products to Use?

    Hey everyone! I've been a long-time reader but very recent register of the forums. I just bought a 3.5L 2007 Black Charger, and absolutely love it! I'm not going to ask what I should use to detail the car because I know you'll all say Adam's. :) I'm new to cleaning cars to such extent as most...