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  1. Buzzing in cluster when I turn cluster lights on

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hi, so this just started happening and then it stopped and today it started back again. I have no mods and there where no events that lead to this. When I turn my dashboard/cluster lights on using the thumbwheel I get a buzzing noise from behind the cluster. Oddly the brighter I make my lights...
  2. 2015 Charger Replace Dashboard pad after airbag deployment

    Interior Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Has anyone replaced the dashboard "cover" on a 2015 Charger yet? I have it completely unbolted including the 3 bolts at the top front of the dash by the windshield. It is loose, but appears to be hanging up at the front near the windshield. My guess would be the defrost vents ?? Looks as if...
  3. Evaporator - Dash Removal..etc

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hey all, long time no posts... I have searched the forums (and internet) for dash removal and evaportaor and found a couple threads, but I am not really finding the info I am looking for. So if I missed it, please point me the right direction. Otherwise.... My a/c was fine at lunch, then at 5...
  4. Dashboard Panel Reaction

    General Charger Discussion
    Maybe someone can help me out. I notice the dashboard reacts slow when a button is pressed or a function is changed. For example when I change the air from hot to cold, its still hot for a long time before it changes. Or when I change it from feet to the dash setting, it takes a long time to...
  5. 2010 Charger Dash Speaker Question

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Hey guys ... I'm new to this site, just got my new 2010 Charger... I realized that I dont have Dashboard Speakers, but I have the opening for them. I see alot of other threads with the same topic but none could quite answer my question. If I lift up the Speaker Grille from the dashboard, and...
  6. Angel eyes/ Sirius on the dashboard.

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey. I've been looking into installing either RAM air or HALO fog lamps in the blank area in my front bumper. It turns out that the deciding factor is how it will look on the interior. I don't want some tacky switch that's been gorilla glued down- especially considering that there really isn't a...