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  1. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Volant/corsa cold air intake (part #16357) used on 14 charger rt for about 4 months $175 Buyer pays shipping
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello all, I have a 2006 charger Srt8. Right now my car is basically stock besides really minor mods such as intake, resonator delete. The motor is non-molested at 100,000 miles but I plan on changing that. I have been researching longtube headers and wanted some opinions. I came up between...
  3. General Charger Discussion
    So after having my charger on the lift for the winter, while doing some upgrades i took off my Corsa Exhaust(#14525 black tips), It sat in my garage collecting dust and i wanna re-polish it without and chance of getting it scratched but also looking nice. Anyone have any product recommendations?
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Parting ways with one of my Chargers so I need to return to stock. Corsa Extreme: $500 plus stock RT exhaust AEM CAI: $100 plus stock CAI. Corsa extremes have about 10000 miles on them and CAI have about 500. Buyer pays shipping. Feel free to ask any questions.
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Good morning. I am selling a 2 month old Corsa Extreme Cat Back exhaust system from an 2010 Charger. The reason I am parting ways with it is because I am going to be making a switch to Zoomers soon. They are still on the car at the moment but will be switched back out for stock this weekend...
  6. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    hey guys, I've been wanting to get rid of the stock exhaust on my 3.5L 2010 charger but there are so many options. Ive been wanting a dual exhaust system but then i heard that the car may actually lose some of its power. The most popular manufacturers that I've seen are corsa, and magna flow...
  7. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Looking to do aftermarket mods, but very new to that area and have no experience or knowledge on installation! Watched a youtube vid with the corsa xtremes on a 2011, and that's exactly how I want my car to sound. What is the difference between the Xtreme and the Sport exhaust offered by Corsa...
  8. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    here's the deal, i'm planning on purchasing a new or used 2010 Challenger SRT8 w/ 6speed standard, I already have a Charger R/T to drive so it wont be a "daily driver" as much as it will be an "every other day driver" I would like to bring the 6.1l up to 600hp or more, I don't really want to...
1-8 of 9 Results