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  1. Colorado Owners Group

    General Charger Discussion
    Hey everyone from Colorado, there is now a Colorado Charger Owners group, here is the link. Feel free to join
  2. Skittles' Charger Revealed! Pics Inside

    General Charger Discussion
    So the day after day rain has finally passed in Denver, CO meaning I took a trip to the car wash to get my baby rinsed and lookin secksy like :bigthumb: Here's a few pics of her. Enjoy! The sexy new LED smoked tails Plays music through bluetooth + has the hands free setup Whistler Radar...
  3. Modern Mopar Muscle, CO monthly Car club Meet

    South Western
    Just wanted to remind everyone of the monthly Car club meeting of Modern Mopar Muscle, Southern Colorado. It will be held at Colorado Springs Dodge, off Austin Bluffs here in Colorado Springs at 7pm, 3 Apr 2009. I welcome any and all interested parties and their families to attend. We will be...