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  1. New Member Introductions
    Good afternoon, I recently bought a 2011 dodge charger. After much debate I went with the v-6. I am looking at installing a few things. Cold air intake, exhaust system, and new headlights. Was looking at getting some halos. Has anyone done any of these changes or have any ideas that nights...
  2. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Anyone in Orange County, CA know of a place that sells cheap parts for a Charger R/T? (Cold Air Intakes, etc):rolleyes2:
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    K&N 63 Series cold air intake system. Excellent condition. Very few miles on it, was installed on my Dodge Charger for about 3 months but I ended up selling the vehicle so had to return it to stock. Will fit Charger, Magnum or 300C vehicles. Made a very noticeable difference in the power when...
  5. V6 Specific Discussion
    If anyone has the inside track on best internet prices for 3.5L CAI' them here. Feel free to post best deals on Mopar, AFE, Big Bully, etc. I'm most interested in a 3.5L Mopar CAI...but not sure who has the best price for this item.
  6. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So I just got the Mopar cold air intake for my 3.5 SXT and after looking at the knowledge base for the 5.7 CAI I wondered if there was anything I should know for installing the 3.5 CAI. Any tips tonight would be helpful because I was planning to install the part tomorrow in my auto class. Any...
  7. V6 Specific Discussion
    Ok so after talking to a few mechanic's today i've come to this conclusion. 1. magnaflow or flowmaster cats (but i'd like to have a double exaust, ill have to figure this out) 2. the predator 93 , which everyone seems to have. 3. stage 2 cold air intake i think i was told the AEM brand. in...
  8. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    It's the dry filter that come with it. Only had it on my '08 charger for 6 months before I had to trade her in to get a truck for work :sad: I live in NC and would prefer a local buy but won't exclude putting it on e-bay for paypal if someone wants to have it shipped. I'm asking $200 for it.
  9. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $250.00 picked up or $275.00 shipped Used but in great condition with everything needed to install! Only selling because I traded the car in. Best CAI on the market!!!!
  10. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I've never seen or heard of this intake. who has and where can u find it? I'm just curious, i saw it in the GMFO 6.
  11. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I am looking to buy a used lower milage AFE Stage II (New Tube Design) CAI for my 2006 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Willing to do PayPal!
  12. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I installed my new headlights, front turns and fog Silverstars and while I was under the front end with both engine covers off, looking up at my K&N drop-in, I couldn't understand where the "fresh" air would come from. I saw a few people have purchased 4" duct work, and cut a hole to grab some...
21-32 of 32 Results