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  1. New Member Introductions
    :bigthumb: I'm new, and I own a 1973 Charger SE, I live in San Jose, CA and looking for some friends to start up a club, start a car show, or just cruise to the beach with our sweet rides!
  2. South Eastern
    NEXT UPCOMING MEETING! THE NEXT MEETING IS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2011.... The next SSP meeting! Since you all know the drill, I'll keep this one short and sweet. I've been posting about these meets for over a year now, so I am sure you all can dig up the details... Come and join us. I...
  3. South Eastern
    NEXT UPCOMING MEETING! Sorry about the last minute post....THE MEETING IS TONIGHT, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2011.... I was out of town on an AWESOME cruise with the club to Dragon's Tail! Come by to see the photos and video this week. The next SSP meeting! Since you all know the drill, I'll...
  4. South Eastern
    UPCOMING MEETING DATES... THREE IN A ROW! OK... for those following, we should have had a meeting today. We meet every other week. Unfortunately, Irene had different plans for us. The descision was made early this week to postpone the meeting one week. However.... since the storm missed us, we...
  5. Great Lakes States
    Ok, so I enjoy being in a car club. I was in a Jeep club when I owned my Wrangler (I miss the "Wrangler Wave") back in Nebraska, but I just can't seem to track down an active car club? I know there are Mustang clubs around here, you just have to go to Suds to see them scattered about. Are there...
1-5 of 6 Results