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  1. Miami Meet Thursday, Feb 24th 2011

    South Eastern
    OK... Since I have gotten a few PM's about these here I decided to give you all longer notice for the next meet. The next meet we are going to have is next week on Thursday the 24th of February. Get those rides ready to show off. The meet is for SSP Miami. It's an open (no particular...
  2. F/S BREMBO BRAKE DISCS, Mopar Factory High Performance SRT8

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    FOR SALE: Set of Four (4) BREMBO, Mopar Factory High Performance Brake Discs Used from SRT8 Charger, Very Low miles, Good Condition, replaced for slotted brakes, not wear. FITS: '05 - '09 Charger/300C/Challenger/Grand Cherokee and more. $100 Plus Shipping or :alfdance:$200 Free Shipping
  3. Chryslers at Carlisle, July 11-13, 2008

    Mid-Atlantic Area
    Get your motel room now. The rooms are dissappearing and the rates are going up! I got mine this past August. The people who get the best, closer rooms and rates are the ones who plan a year in advance. I know its months away, but good planning now will save you alot later. Online...