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cheap mods

  1. Finally did the "Brylcreem" mod

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    After all these years, I (via Meineke) finally removed the mid-muffler (a.k.a. suitcase muffler) from my 06 RT. I left the two rear resonators in place. Sounds just right to me now, and the cost is great 'bang for the buck' ($100) compared to a whole cat-back system. Late to the party, I...
  2. mods for cheap?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    hey all, we just bought a stock charger with the intent to modifiy it. Of course as soon as we purchased i fell into a little cash flow slow down so i need to back off on all my plans for now. I still want to do something right away as the stock car is just not fun. What are some cheap mods I...
  3. New to Charger. Info and Advice?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey! I recently purchased a 2009 charger R/T. I'm super happy with it. I have owned Honda prior to this, and Ive just got to say, the hemi is incredible. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some of the specs. I know stock its looking like 360hp and 398 ft lbs of torque out the door...
  4. Cheap Ebay Cold Air For real??

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I have found some cold air kits and filters on Ebay for my 5.7 R/T that are $40.00. Is cold air the same whether its K&N or Ebay? I like to save a buck so please help if you can. below is the link ive been seeing. Also why do some of the cold air kits come with crankcase hoses and some...
  5. new performance upgrade??

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Im stuck, i think im done with the cheap mods so whats next? Is there anything im forgetting? I already have a custom tune from diablo, exhaust upgrade, electronic cutouts (my favorite mod) and a k&n intake. I have a 2006 r/t and i dont know where to go from here besides getting into the real...