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  1. South Eastern
    I could have sworn I added this here but for some reason.... I can't find it now..... In any event... here it is again... Allright.... now, after quite a few meetings, I think it's safe to say we're "established". We have a few members that are now regulars. However, new cars and members are...
  2. South Eastern
    OK... Now we've have another meeting under our belt where the Mopar crowd has increased. We got a few more Chargers and Challengers. The 300C crowd is, so far, a no show. We'll fix that! Again we had a variety, Calibers, Magnums, Challengers and Chargers. 4, 6 and 8 Cyl versions....I brought the...
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    Does anyone have pics of a torred (inferno) charger with black challenger wheels? would be much appreciated.
  4. Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Just wanting to no the fastest stock 6.1 only blocks in any srt vehicle. Please post times, mods and cost of mods thanks everyone in advance !:driving: :beerchug:
  5. General Charger Discussion
    Distinguished members of, My name is Scott Vandekerckhove. I am a new member here at this forum and I am on a mission. A mission for all of you, to be exact. Let me cut right to the chase, I work for Chrysler on the Auto Show/Specialty Event Circuit all across the country...
  6. VFN Fiber Glass
    A Challenger style fiberglass hood for your Charger without a year of waiting and outstanding customer service? No way!
  7. General Charger Discussion
    Many of the "old timers" who have been on Charger Forums may remember or even attended one of my past car shows and M & G's. I have been busy for the past year and have not had a Car show at the Restaurant in awhile. Well Tomorrow, TUESDAY JULY 7th from 3pm-8pm we will be having a fairly large...
  8. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    This is for a FULL SET of Limited Edition Daytona Black Leather seats. They came out of a 2008 Charger. They are soft leather with a Perferated Suede center. The Stitching is Daytona Orange. The seat has the DAYTONA stitched in Orange. The Air Bag system is installed into the seats. They have...
  9. General Charger Discussion
    Well, my 2007 Charger SRT8 acted up this morning so I took it in the shop. had steam coming out of the hood scoop, smelled like antifreeze and the temp gauge started to spike. They "could not reproduce the problem"...... I had am intermittant dead gas pedal problem last year that they could...
  10. Mid-Atlantic Area
    Hey Guys, Tomorrow is the annual Orchard Beach Classic Car & Motorcycle Show. It's a benefit event that helps support the families of 9-11 who are/were in the NYPD or the FDNY. I think this event is super cool because of the purpose it serves, you know. We'll be there in support from around...
  11. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    He said he would have a hood at LX & Beyond and he did. So they must be close to shipping the first 10 hoods.
41-51 of 59 Results